Weylandts’ first ever TV ad – The Tastemakers

Weylandts TV ad

I’m sure I’ve told you, but super talented Mr Husband works over at Weylandts. Over the past couple of weeks, they’ve been shooting a pretty incredible TV ad for their Tastemakers Campaign. The ad was shot at Chris Weylandts home (I KNOW, right?) over at Maison Estate. The model is the very gorgeous and apparently super nice Ana Kuni. I’ve taken a few stills from the ad to show you the vibe, because oh man… it’s just such a breathtakingly beautiful little story. The ad opens with “A weekend to ourselves” and shows a home video style series of the husband filming his wife being very every-day in their gorgeous (and tasteful) home.

Weylandts tastemakers modelWeylandts model 2Weylands weekend tv ad

WeylandtsWeylandts tastemakersweylandts fireplace loungeWeylandts south africaWeylandts taste makers tv campaign

From eating left overs for breakfast (empty bottles of wine still all over the kitchen) and dancing in the living room with no shoes on, to running around the house in your cozzy, this feel-good ad will leave a nice little grin all over your face. It’s so gorgeous that within seconds you’ll want to be in that house, with all that furniture, decor and accessories – which I guess was the entire point. Watch the ad! And congrats to the entire Weylandts team. This is beautiful!



Skinny laMinx launches new range of fabric and cushions

Skinny laMinx - Diggi Dot fabrics

I’m a huge fan of Skinny laMinx’s fabrics. I discovered Heather’s work about 4 years ago when we first moved to Cape Town and bought 2 of her cushions straight away for our new home. Note: Her cushions are also stocked at Vamp, where we bought ours. Over the last few years we’ve built up quite the cushion ‘collection’ from top SA textile designers like Heather, love Milo, Menagerie and Artvaark (our sweet bunny origami cushions) We also have a few from over the seas, like our bunny cushions from Urban Outfitters. Right now, we’re looking at getting a few pieces from India, which I’m really excited about. We’re also re-doing our lounge at the moment, which I feel is important for Winter. We’re spending much more family time indoors lately, so I *need* to freshen the room up a bit to help me deal with the winter gloom.

Skinny laMinx - Diggi Dot01

We’ve just ordered a few cushions from Heather’s online store, as her new range ( search #DiggiDot ) launched last week Friday. All of Skinny laMinx’s work is timeless and gorgeous, in good quality. We made the mistake of buying cheap scatters before, and within 3 washes and 2 weeks the fabric fades, tears and thins out. I’ve learned that cheap is just never worth it. Screen printing is such a delicate and tender art, which I discovered when I did a whole lot of research on it last year. Heather presses water based inks onto a natural-toned cotton/linen blend basecloth.  Her designs are very creative, mature, original and colour-happy. I love that she’s incorporated some simple stripes in her new range, for the busier rooms like those with decorative bedspreads or overly colourful children’s rooms. Now, her entire range has fabrics to brighten up a space, add character or tone down a room with minimalist styles in simple colours with loads of white space – like nothing you’ve ever seen from Heather’s work before. The modernized polka dots with digital influence and pops of bright colour with charm the decorator out of anyone. When looking at previous ranges tied in with the new fabrics, you really get the feel that Heather’s kept older pieces in mind so that you can build on your current collection without having to redecorate or toss previous purchases. It all works together so nicely.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.14.20 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.13.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.11.51 AM

I can’t wait to show you our new space! We have loads of work to do in the living room and I’m really excited about having a cozy, colourful and creative family space for these chilly days. I want to spend every afternoon at the fire with hot cocoa and lazy dogs sleeping at our feet while we watch movies and spend loads of time together. While it may be gloomy and grey outside, we’ll ensure that inside gets a ‘happy’ makeover this season. You can shop Skinny laMinx’s new range here > DiggiDot Range, Heather Moore, Skinny laMinx.

Skinny laMinx - Diggi Dot06


Weylandts is going against the grain.

I have a major crush on Weylandts, and I’m sure that you do too, so I quickly wanted to show you their new range. Weylandts has just launched its new, edgy black and white outdoor furniture collection, now available in all stores. This is the first time that they’ve ever released such a bold themed collection with patterns on-trend and paralleled to the Fall/Winter 2015 collections of fashion icons Balenciaga and Valentino. “This year’s patterns are bigger and bolder than ever, unlike the monochromatic minimalism seen in the past.” comments Chris Weylandt, MD of Weylandts. If you know their furniture, you’d agree and see why this is pretty big news in the home decor circles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.25.16 PM

Seventies Occasional Chair

Tribal Occasional Chair

Star GazerBasket Occasional ChairWhile everyone’s shuffling and scuffling to claim the ‘minimalist’ look (including me), Weylandts is following the “more is more” rather than “less is more” trend. While I’m not a huge fan of tribal prints, I do love these large gingham checks. Look out for the Rock Lounger (R 14 995), Seventies Occasional Chair (R 2 995), Basket Occasional Chair (R 8 995), Tribal Occasional Chair (R 7 995) and the Star Gazer Chair (R 11 995) Also if any of you are getting these pieces, then please buy me something. No really. Browse, window shop, wish list and purchase all your furniture dreams on their site. I do this at least weekly. Good for the soul, keeps you motivated!


Stylish Metallics from TFG online: @home and hi-online

I recently joined ranks with TFG online – @home to select my favourite winter decor trend. We’ve been putting a lot of love and light in to our home lately. Graeme is an art director by profession and styles decor shoots and designs products for an actual living. He’s always fiddling around the house, moving things around and art directing our home. I love clutter and colour and a touch of messiness. A home needs to look cozy and lived in. It also needs to be BRIGHT and happy. It’s hard (for me) to create a welcome and messy space that is also modern and child friendly. I’ve learned so much with the boys over the years. Our couches (and any couches hereafter) will always be grey or dark brown with slip-off-and-wash cushion covers. Anything white is only at arm’s reach and not climbable. Our walls get wiped down once a week and our ornaments need to be indestructible. Like, two days ago the dogs had a tussle under the dining room table and knocked a vase and some aloes over. Next to all the couches and beds are streaks of dirt from after-school kiddie feet and sleepy dogs. Over the years I’ve become a professional kiddie-proofer while trying to keep a tasteful living space. NOT easy, friends. Being a mom-on-a-budget, it’s also super hard to find pretty decor things that won’t drain my bank balance. I’m a ‘shop from low to high’ kinda gal. Anyway, we’ve collected some pretty things over the years that have lasted.We already have loads of @home decor bits and bobs around the house to give it that little kick. The boys room is looking really sweet lately, and one day I’ll get around to taking some pictures (when I have the will and strength to actually clean their room haha) How sweet is this wall hook that I got from them a while back?


It’s probably not very ‘blogger’ of me to tell you that I’m not a fan of decor (or any other) trends. I like to do my own thing, and if what we have happens to on trend, then great – but I can’t go re-decorating our home every season, you know? I mean, I caved and did the bunting and chevron cushions way back when, and after like 2 weeks I wanted to burn. my. house. down. Your home is your personal, intimate space where you spend your time together as a family. I love that @home is showcasing trends that will last every season. While they’re hot buys RIGHT NOW, they’ll be hot items for many years and memories to come. So, this is how they’ve incorporated all the must haves in to their every-day offering. And WHOO-HOO!, these are my picks! Warning: You’re gonna want ALL the things!

0309 TFG Online WC Facebook Post 3 NEW

I chose stylish metallics! And this is the little bit that I wrote for them about why I love erm, metal:  I love metallics for the sleek, luminous finish that it adds to any room. Inject your home with a bit of glitz with a rustic undertone. I especially love copper and brass, and find it interesting that raw metals from older times have been modernized with on trend designs. Adding a bit of raw metal with other earthly tones, lots of white space and greenery creates a stylish and minimalist look that we’ve incorporated in to our own living space.


180167521801680818017216To create an easy living space: Do the same as you do for your wardrobe: Start with neutral colours. Neutral walls, couches, curtains, blinds, carpets. Nothing too busy or fancy or colourful. Then add your textures and colours with accessories: Scatter cushions, throws, occasional chairs or an interesting coffee table. Add indoor plants for some ‘earth’ and some metals for contrast and tone. We have lots of glass and I always have fresh flowers on the table. I’m really loving the new decor that’s emerging lately and you guys, I am SO GLAD that we’re over chevrons. I really am. You can shop my selection here > http://goo.gl/aLDOIJ

Ecommerce Winter Campaign Stylish Metallics moodboard

And if you’re looking for ideas or if you’re not a fan of metallics, then check out the two other classic looks that you can create with @home! Remember, you can shop online and they deliver within like 2-3 days or express if you’re an impatient brat like me. All trends are from TFG Online, where customers can shop both @home and hi-online trend items. I want ALL the Minimalist Grey things too. Apologies to my credit card, things are about to get real. Happy shopping, friends!

Ecommerce Winter Campaign Minimalist Grey moodboardEcommerce Winter Campaign MARSALA moodboard

Please note, as a ‘thank you’ from TFG for helping them select a few trend items, they gifted me a little voucher which I used to buy a few accessories, including this Rose Gold Basket (R89.00) and this Housey Wall Hook (R119.00) Really nice of them, thanks guys!




Clinton Friedman Botanics

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.22.39 PM

I haven’t done a decor post in a while, and heaven knows that we’ve been so busy with the house lately. New floors, washing lines, gardening, replacing skirting boards, putting up blinds, fixing the front wall. We’ve had contractors here for two weeks trying to get it all done, and as soon as one thing is sorted, another pops up. You know how it goes! I’ve mentioned that my dapper husband works at Weylandts and spends his days at super cool decor shoots, show rooms etc so he’s been pulling some weight on the decor front. As you might know, I LOVE plants and nature and earthy things. Forests, lakes, oceans, hikes, walks, cycling – take me outside and I’m a happy gal. So when I saw these Clinton Friedman creations, my heart did a double punch. How gorgeous? I’m not very good at keeping up with Pinterest, so I like to save all the little things I find here, in my little online journal. I saw these for sale on Esque (one of our suppliers) and dug a bit deeper. Clinton Friedman does wallpaper, prints, umbrellas, cushions and fabric. This is his website if you’re in to this sort of stuff. I finally figured out what to do with a drab gap piece of wall in our lounge. Helloooo wallpaper! PS This is not a sponsored post. PSS Expect a lot more of these as I find new and fresh local designers!  We’re doing a bit of a decor overhaul right now, just because I spend so much time at home and we see so many clients at our home office and boardroom (Also, the children have grown up a bit and have stopped throwing up on everything as much)

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.16.50 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.18.02 PM14489_702656519751287_880847403_n


Ménagerie creatures for your home

If you’ve seen lots of pictures of our house, then you’ve noticed our ‘Bunny’ and “Cat” cushions that we have all over the house. I love our little animal cushions. I have a few from H&M and Urban Outfitters too. Well, my bunny and cat cushions are from a local artist called “Ménagerie” > an English word that was used to describe any collection of exotic animals that pre-dated the existence of zoos. It is now also used to describe an odd or eclectic assortment of things, which Cecile (the artist) I thought was quite apt for her animal cushions. She likes the name because it is derived from the French word ‘ménage’ meaning household, and says that hers is very important to her. You can read a full interview with Cecile over here

If you like her cushions (and I’m sure you will) you can purchase these handsome animal friends for your couch over here. You can view a list of her stockists here, but your quickest bet is probably shopping online with Hello Pretty who also stocks them. They cost R280 each which is super cheap in terms of designer cushions. I bought the ‘Espresso’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’ cushions about 2 years ago at a market in town. Lucky find! I know my friend Angie (Tiny Pony) has some too. They really are adorable, huggable and add so much character to your living space. We’re getting more to add to the boys’ room, but more on that soon. I’ve been working on the boys’ room in the new house for weeks to get it ‘just’ right for them. I can’t wait to show you! In the meantime, how sweet are these Ménagerie creations?



all the things I want from Re-fined – a new online shop!

There’s a new online shop on the scene, and I quite like it! Re-fined has put a whole lot of South African designers together to create this beautiful space. It’s like Design Indaba / Kamersvol except all the best designers are nestled at your fingertips. This is what the site looks like. Pretty sweet!

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.26.49 PM

There are so many gorgeous design products to choose from. Think beautiful art, furniture, décor and accessories, fragrances and take-another-look objet d’arts just for a start. There’s also clothing, jewellery, stationery and even a section dedicated to ‘Little People’. The re-fined ‘Partners’  include much loved local designers such as Melvill & Moon, Wild Rhubarb, Avoova, Santos and more. I’m really excited to see how this brand grows this year. It’s a great concept, and everything is so beautifully presented. I’ve done a bit of a ‘virtual shop’ and selected a few of my favourite things that I want for our home. They have so many unusual pieces that you won’t find in mainstream shops. Happy decorating, friends



Coricraft is ‘ready to go!’

I love Coricraft. The quality of their furniture and their contemporary, classic country style is just SO us. I love how they’ve taken timeless design and given it such a modern feel. If I could, I would (and eventually will) cover and fill our home with Coricraft luxury. They’re affordable, so we’ll just keep collecting as we go. Everything we have of theirs just makes the house feel so warm and fancy – not to mention beautiful! We’ve made so many mistakes with furniture over the years (we all have) but this kind of quality and durability is unmatchable. I especially love their couches and slip-on covers. Nothing better than popping those covers in the wash instead of hiring upholstery cleaners every month. I’ve added pictures of some of my favourite and must-have Coricraft items that I think you’d love too. Father Christmas can you hear me? (by “Father Christmas”, I actually mean Graeme)

Ollie 2 Seater Bohemia

Because we’re talking more ‘housey’ things lately, I wanted to quickly tell you that they’ve launched a  ‘Ready to Go’ collection of couches, chairs, dining sets, beds and mattresses. Even better is that they’ll deliver immediately – so you’ll have enough time to get your home all dressed up for the festive season and all those guests and in-laws. Graeme and I have spent 8 years together, collecting little trinkets and saving for big pieces. Our living areas are so important to us, and we want our boys to feel proud of their home when little friends come by for play dates.

Santorini 2 SeaterDecember accessories_MG_7060


Coricraft has savings on a selection of slipcover, fully upholstered and genuine leather couches, or stylish living, dining and bedroom furniture that is literally ‘ready to go’ and will be delivered to your doorstep on the next available truck. Funny story: when we moved in to our new home, we really really wanted to get ourselves a King Sized bed as a little housewarming gift to ourselves. We popped in to dozens of shops and made at least 20 phone calls in and around Cape Town to buy a bed. Turns out, most of those bed shops are just glorified showrooms, with beds and headboards only being delivered within 6 weeks of payment. I guess it didn’t help that we wanted king size. Eventually Graeme and I had to have a bed set custom made, and we slept on a mattress half the frame’s size for weeks while waiting on our order. It was really, really funny (not so much back then though)


Coricraft also has a bright and colourful collection of summer accessories available. Think lanterns, candle holders, scatters, baskets, mirrors and occasional pieces, to complete the look. You know by now that home decor accessories ARE what makes a home, and gives it that cozy, lived in and loved feeling. I’ve got my budget set on this Motpellier Summer Linen Headboard. I mean… my goodness. I love this old country french style.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.40.06 PM


Apparently Coricraft’s ‘Ready to Go’ and a crazy savings campaign will run for a limited period from now until 24 December. You can shop the range here > Coricraft Online ! Now put that Christmas bonus toward something that will last and bring years and years of enjoyment.

<Please note that this is not a sponsored post. We’re just spreading the happy, Christmas vibes in your direction!>




Urban Walls – decals you’ll love

We’ve recently moved in to a beautiful new home. The kind of home where I want to live for years and years. It’s old, with wooden floors, a fireplace, lots of light and space. I’ve found some fun in creating pretty little nooks and living spaces for our little family. Areas I can unwind, where we can play and feel creative and inspired. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been finding all over the place. I really love Urban Walls. They’re based in Canada, and ship internationally. It’s important to note that Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. International orders can take 3 – 4 weeks to arrive.


Don’t you just love these? All images are from their blog, which is just beautiful. Take a look at their site over here for the most beautiful office, home and nursery decals. You’ll notice that I’m looking at a lot of nursery goodies lately. I’d love to have another little baby in the bunny house at some point. Maybe. I just don’t know. The new house has a beautiful spare room with lots of space, which is really pulling at my mommy strings. Like really. In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous inspiration with me!


Flamingo Decal-9 Ice Cream Decal-4 il_fullxfull.675734574_r9lv il_fullxfull.675734850_si8f Pineapple Decal-5 Super Hero Mask Decals triangledecals_nursery Urban Walls Bunny Decal-2 Urban Walls Bunny Decal-4