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Doki watches for kids

The boys got Doki watches over the festive season and I’ve been talking about them on social media ever since. I have no idea why these have only come out now because I am obsessed. The concept and functionality of these watches have really blown my mind. And, put my mind at total ease. You can get them online, via hi-online over here , but keep reading!

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What is a dokiWatch even?
1. It’s the world’s most advanced kids smart watch. Note that there are many variants of this kind of product, but the doki is by far the most advanced, user friendly and glitch-free.
2. It’s essentially a GPS tracker and communication device that looks like a watch – that kids can wear anywhere. Oh, it also tells the time
3. You can video call, voice note and text your kid any time, any place. The watch links to an app that you have on your phone and that’s how you guys keep in touch
4. It’s perfect for kids who aren’t old enough for a cellphone, OR for parents who aren’t keen on their kids taking expensive smartphones to school
5. It works with a sim card (nano) and data which you load the same way you would any other phone
6. Your kid also gets a unique cellphone number that appears as a normal call when they phone you from their watch
7. The security is TIGHT. The watch needs to download software, which presents a unique QR code that is then scanned by YOUR app on YOUR phone – then the data syncs. People cannot hack in to your child’s watch – I promise.
8. Your kid can send you photos!
9. Your kid can tell you when you’ve forgotten a lunch box, swimming cap, extra mural etc. No more embarrassing phone calls from the school informing you that your child has no money for civies / bake sale. You get to HIDE how unorganised you are now
10. Your kid can keep in touch with other friends and siblings who also have doki watches. They can sync as friends but ONLY if you (the admin of the watch) gives permission. You NEED to watch this video to fully grasp it:

My favourite features:
1. Oddly – the alarm clock! I set their alarms from the app, so I can remind them of things like waking up (obviously) or extra murals and errands. My youngest is a total scatterbrain and is asthmatic. He needs to take his cortizone and other pump at school sometimes, so I made up this rhyme that “He’s a big boy, so at BIG break he needs to take SIX pumps because he is six years old.” Having a child who is asthmatic / has life threatening allergies NEEDS this watch. Relying on teachers to administer really important medication is incredibly stressful. When Bunny has an ‘attack’ (shallow breathing for 3 – 4 days) I used to keep him at home because of all the medication he needed throughout that period. I was way too stressed that his teacher would forget, etc. He missed weeks and weeks of school last year. Now I can call him, remind him, instruct him and follow up. I can also check on him at any time to ask how he’s feeling, because kids are sometimes shy to tell their teachers or classmates if they’re not feeling well. Also: I am so fine-tuned to asthma now, that I can hear in his voice exactly what he needs. Having a 24/7 open line of communication with your child is such an absolute pleasure.

2. The GPS tracker. From a personal point of view (and maybe some of my readers can relate) I share the boys’ free time with their dad. So two nights a week, and one day every weekend – I don’t have my monkeys with me. Although their dad and I have such a great relationship, I don’t want to be whatsapping him every two hours being like “where are they? what are you doing? what are they eating?” you know? NOW I can open the app on my phone and see where they are alllll the time. The other weekend, for example – I freaked them out because I sent them a message being like “So how is World of Birds?” HELLO, I AM AN INTERNATIONAL SPY.
On a side note with the tracker – you can set up locations on your app, eg when they are at school, a specific friend’s house or at swimming. Then you get a NOTIFICATION when your child has arrived or left there. Eg I’ll get a notification on my app saying “Benjamin has arrived at Alfie’s house” or “Noah is at school”. I MEAN COME ON. Every mother right now has stars in her eyes, am I right?

3. The fitness tracker. They love it so much because they get a little pet that advances or changes in levels (they know more about this than I do) with the more steps and activities they do.

4. The CLASS MODE setting. We all love talking to our kids, right? But while the watches are new – they’re showing it to alllll the friends at school. This means you will receive approx 10 million and twenty messages, calls, emoticons and voice notes in that first week. Doki knows this, so they invented class mode. When you activate this on your app, they can’t send texts or voice notes etc BUT the GPS and SOS function still works. I take it off class mode when they’re in after care or at break times etc – or when I want to check in. Wait what – an SOS function? This is where it gets SUPER nerdy and also – amazing…

5. The SOS function is a big red button on the other side of the watch (not with the control switches) When this is pressed, an actual siren goes off on your app. It flashes with the GPS location of your child and goes in to LIVE STREAM AUDIO of their surroundings. I mean give me a break. You can hear everything that’s going on around them as soon as that button is pushed – until you deactivate it on your phone. The live stream appears as a voice note. All functions on the dokiWatch also deactivates, so they (or someone else) can’t put the SOS call off. However – no siren goes off on their watch. It’s not great to think about anything happening to your kid, but man alive if it did – this watch would eliminate so much of that PARENT FEAR.

Another personal note: Every parent I have ever spoken to has lost their child if even for seven seconds and they will tell you that it was in fact the worst seconds of their lives. I have personally lost Benjamin before. I lost him for at least 15 – 20 minutes. Maybe it wasn’t that long, but man it felt like it. We were at a huge park and he was on his bicycle. The road curved ahead with splits that could go either left or right. Ben had a new bike and had rushed ahead. Noah was struggling with his pedals and had stopped behind me, but Ben didn’t see him stop. So I was standing in the middle, with one kid disappearing in front of me. I couldn’t run ahead and leave Noah behind either. The worst part? If he had turned left – he would have headed to a busy parking lot. I ran to the centre of a park, handed Noah to a group of moms and RAN. I did like 3 laps around the park – flagging people down “Have you seen a little boy on a red bike – have you seen a little boy on a red bike?” Eventually a dozen people were looking for him. I was crying. You can imagine. We’ve all felt this total sense of helplessness as a parent before. Where did we find Ben? Down a small bank, looking for tadpoles. That’s just his personality, and he was 4 or 5 at the time. He is a daydreamer. He’s a curious adventurer. He has a shorter attention span. But man, if he had that watch – I could have called him straight away and asked him where he was – you know? I could have told him to meet me at the swings.

6. Video calling. I love this so, so much. Sometimes I miss my boys to death – or they’re doing something really fun that they want to share with me, or that I want to be part of. They’ve been able to ‘show’ me great things like school projects, outings and trips. I’ve been able to video call them from concerts at Kirstenbosch and shown them the crowds and live bands. Days when they’re with dad – we’re still able to share our lives and activities with each other – and I really love that.

It’s also great for lazy parenting haha. I’ve been known to text Noah from upstairs at home instead of shouting across the house. Things like “put the television softer” and asking to close windows and so on. It’s a dream.

So while there are many options on kids smart watches, you need to understand that this one has the most functions and you need to decide which is most important to you. The dokiWatch is a more expensive option, but you need to understand that it’s glitch-free, great quality, award winning and reliable. You can read more about it here >

Hi-online asked me to review the dokiWatches on my blog, and I’m so glad I did. They usually cost R2999.00 each, but the nice people at hi-online gave me a discount code: TRH500 that you use when you check out here > and that will give you a sweet discount. It’s only valid until 31 March, so get on that ASAP. You won’t regret it.

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