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Today is a very happy day for me as MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet donated R5000 to the Border Collie Rescue Association on my behalf. To thank them, I’m sharing some very important information on their behalf. Right now, they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary. Don’t know about them? You can sign up for free, and nominate up to three schools, charities or conservation causes as your beneficiaries.  Every time you swipe your card at a Woolworths store, or at any other partner, the retailer makes a contribution on your behalf, at no cost to you. It takes two minutes to sign up. Do it immediately, right here  > Sign Up 

To celebrate all your contributions over the years, they’re giving back to you and our communities. Their celebration encourages you to use the #MySchool20  hashtag on Facebook or Twitter and to share which cause you support. 20 lucky supporters can each win a R20 000 Woolworths gift card plus a R20 000 cash donation to your favourite school or charity.

There are so many schools, charities and social responsibility causes to choose from. I personally have the Planet section as beneficiaries. These include WWF, SANCCOB, The Society for Animals in Distress, Endangered Wildlife Trust, the EWT MyPlanet Rhino Fund, the SPCA National Fund, Border Collie Rescue, FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Programme, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, WESSA and BirdLife SA.

I really want to share this personal story with you, and an encounter I had with my chosen charity. Understand that the Border Collie is the most re-homed dog breed in South Africa. Many people get them for their beauty, not having done research or without understanding how much exercise and attention they require. It breaks my heart when I look at their Facebook page and see dozens of young Collies that have been handed over or abandoned.

I originally had two Border Collies: Jack and Daisy. When I moved in to my new home, Daisy didn’t adjust very well. She was exercised enough, but she started barking… a lot. At everything. I gave her a few weeks to adjust – tried to have her sleeping inside, outside. I had their original kennel from the previous house and all her same blankets and toys. I tried everything but she was struggling. It got to a point that people in our block started complaining (understandably) and it was a very stressful time for all of us. She was still under two years old, and I reached out to the Border Collie Rescue team for advice. We looked at all the options – one of which was to remove her vocal cords. I just couldn’t do it. She was a very happy dog and was definitely being stimulated enough, but our new neighbourhood was a lot busier and louder and she wasn’t adjusting at all.

The Border Collie group drove to my house, met with me, assessed Daisy and our surroundings. They asked if they could keep her at their farm for two weeks while we tried to figure something out. They loved her, sent me daily updates and discovered that she wasn’t barking anymore. They (again) drove out to my home, met with me again and suggested that we re-home her as she was under 2 years old and could fully integrate into to a new family. I could not comprehend the thought of our beloved Daisy going to strangers. I spoke to my uncle, who also has a Border Collie in Durbanville, and was looking for a friend for his. He has a huge garden in a very quiet neighbourhood, opposite a park. We arranged a few ‘play dates’ for the dogs, and eventually, Daisy found herself a new, happy home back in the suburbs. The best part? I still get to see her : )

The Border Collie Rescue Association did all of this effort free of charge and really cared about our situation. They do this for dogs and families every day. Of course, our situation was unique and I had time to find a solution for Daisy’s happiness, but what would other people do without that luxury? What would happen to the poor dog? Imagine all the households that they find solutions for. They have dozens of confiscated dogs at their farm on any given day. It breaks my heart but I feel so much better knowing that they exist.

Do you have a story like this? Or a cause that you’re extremely passionate about? Want to help out? Join MySchool and enter this competition to support our charities and the incredible work that they do, every day.

To enter and win for your charity: Tweet or facebook something along the lines of: 

“I support the SPCA (or other) with my @MySchoolSA card. WIN 20k for yourself AND for your charity by using the #MySchool20 hashtag. Details:”

Anyway, here are a few pictures of dogs to cheer you up. I had a lot of fun searching these images on Pexels. Aren’t dogs just the living best?


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