Every year I look back on what I achieved, which poles I missed and where I can improve on for the next year. We’re all doing that right now, aren’t we? Setting up trees, wrapping presents, drowning in delicious wine and silently reflecting on our lives. Our future. Our families. This was my year of bravery. I got a new car, I pierced my ears (I was so scared), I went to Paris to see some art, and Noah started the ‘dream’ school. My business grew and with it, my passion for the digital world. I’m taking on a business partner next year and growing a few divisions, which will be my core focus for 2016.

The boys had a big year because they’d always been in the same school and sometimes in the same class. This year they struggled with being separated, but they also developed a bit of independence. Benjamin is more of an introvert, so I think he sometimes relied on Noah for companionship when he didn’t want to reach out to other children. I guess it was the same for Noah too, especially in the beginning. I’m so glad that they’ll be together again next year and can share all those same-school stories about the library or tuck shop lady, assembly and playground things. It’s going to be so good for them!

These past few months… I’ve lost a lot of time. You know when you’re reading a book but your mind wanders and you realise you haven’t absorbed the last six pages you’ve read? I felt kind of like that, but about everything. This year was the one that schooled me. Maybe you’ve had a year like this. When you decided to do everything that you’ve ever been afraid of. Being alone in a foreign city with a language barrier and no sense of direction was beyond overwhelming. I feel a hundred years older, but in a good way.

This was also the year that we legally dissolved our marriage. Our decision was based on a mutual benefit and handled with love and in friendship. A new story has begun, and I know that it’s going to be a sweet one, for all of us. We’re both excited about next year, our new projects and adventures.

I’m finishing up some work and wrapping the last presents, then I’m off to Sydney in the first week of January for business and to see some friends. I hope that you’re all finishing up too, and settling in to the holidays with your families. We’ve been writing and re-writing letters for Father Christmas for weeks, and now I’m off to the shops to buy some cookies to leave at the fireplace “in case he comes early mommy!” It really is the most wonderful time of the year x

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