A big little setback.

Wow. The past two weeks have been hectic, and I’m running out of time really quickly. 

After my last post, I did a hike at Silvermine, and then cycled 10km along the promenade – which was great. On Monday morning I did a morning walk on Hout Bay beach and grabbed some biltong on the way home. As is tradition: we gave each dog a piece. Wolfie wouldn’t take his. Weird. I mean, that dog literally eats lettuce. Honestly, like – he eats tomatoes and apples. 

When we got home, we tried giving him more treats. Frittatas, tinned food etc. Nothing. We noticed that he was super bloated and a bit  lethargic. 

I need to quickly explain this dog, who is the BEST dog I’ve ever had. He wakes me up at least 4 times during the night to play. He starts jumping on me at 5:30am to go for our morning walk. He brings me a toy like all throughout the day. He literally just jumped into bed with me as I was typing this. He is my teddy bear. 

So for him to be lethargic was actually more alarming than the loss of appetite. I took him to the vet that Monday and after some tests, they found that he had a fever, very loose stools and most probably gastro. We got some meds & antibiotics and were hoping he’d be better the next day. Nothing changed, no bowel movements and he was getting worse. We went back for X-rays, more injections and different meds. Nothing. He had by then gone 4-5 days without food. 

My mom is pretty good with dogs and she was convinced that he’d been poisoned by something. He eventually started vomiting a foamy liquid and had really slimy, foamy yellow runny tummies. Not ‘runny’ – actual liquid. 

I wasn’t sleeping and just holding him all day and night. By Thursday the vet told us to take him back to be hospitalised. He needed a drip and maybe a feeding tube? Except I have never had an animal return from the vet. My experience was always that they got really stressed and scared and deteriorate. I was convinced that I would be saying goodbye. 

Around this time, one of my sons started getting sick. Cold symptoms and a nasty cough. That Thursday, the boys stayed home because they were sick and it worked out as we really wanted to drop Wolfie at the vet as a family.

The vet had given us special (read: expensive) tinned food that was supposed to help with digestion. We were told to try give him a spoon every hour. Three days later, he still wasn’t having it. On Thursday morning, Noah and I were laying in bed, just cuddling Wolf and waiting to drop him off at the vet. Noah had idea and ran to the kitchen. He came back with a handful of dry Otees cereal. He put one in Wolfie’s mouth and held it closed so Wolf couldn’t spit it out. Eventually he chewed and swallowed it. Be were ELATED. Noah kept doing this until he’d swallowed like 15. Noah said “Mom, when I’m sick, all I want is dry toast.” So he went to the kitchen, made toast and cut it up into tiny little squares. Wolfie ate like 4 of them. 

Then, he’d eat the same amount every 4 hours or so. He was still really lethargic and bloated. By the following Monday and he was back to normal and healthy again. I can’t explain how relieved we are. Plus, that Otee saved us THOUSANDS in vet bills. My clever Noah! I’m so glad that the boys stayed home from school that day. I always say that things happen for a reason . 

By that Saturday, I’d caught Ben’s bug. I spent over a week at home and mostly in bed, eating all sorts of carbs and meat and a orchid of naartjies. I watched like 2 seasons of Friends and did as little as possible. 

My throat was killing me, and the cough was nasty! Eventually I had to go on antibiotics. 

I can’t run when I’m sick and I didn’t do an actual run for over two weeks. Now I’m ready to lace up and hit the park again – especially with my healthy, happy Collies in tow. They really are the best running buddies.

So there’s no progress to report and I’m (literally) running out of time right now. I know that I can still make it, but I’ll have to work a lot harder. I need to hit 10km by next week. 

Other than that, everything else is going GREAT. Noah got into a brilliant high school, I’m flooded with writing assignments and projects and really looking forward to the June / July school holidays and the Knysna Oyster Festival. They’re just released the festival programme and I’m already signing us up for cool stuff, like the chess tournament, sketching workshops, gratitude journal workshop and obviously the wine festival. I’m waiting for them to load the other usual activities like the comedy festival and oyster shucking competition – if they’re doing it again this year! 

I HAVE to make that 21km! I’m so psyched.

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