A few family pictures – 2015, Betty’s Bay by Paul Clark

We went to my mom’s house in Betty’s Bay for Easter Weekend. It was super fun (and busy) and some days a bit rainy, but it was great. The dogs love, love love going to my mom’s. The houses there aren’t allowed fences – how awesome? Something about the fynbos and preservation, so you can build a house but you aint putting up a wall and gate. So your dogs have to be pretty loyal to stick around, as ours do! They really love exploring around the garden, fynbos and bushes and keeping busy.

My brother Paul is visiting for a bit, and took some pictures of Jack and Daisy. On the morning we left, I asked him to take a quick family picture or two before we got going. It was super unprepared, I hadn’t planned any outfits or props or plans or anything fancy. I sat on that rock for like 20 minutes trying to call Graeme away from the tv to quickly sit for a picture. Looking at these, I’ve decided that THIS is the way to go: all natural! I didn’t even edit these images – just a quick crop here and there. I feel a bit self conscious now cause I was wearing short-short shorts, and I was gonna try take some bumps and bruises out but you know – this is us. All rested from a weekend away, about to get in the car and head home. A moment, a memory. We’re gonna frame three of the pictures from the below, and I’m really excited to see how they come out in print. Thank you SO much for the quick snaps Paulie – ek waardeur dit baie! Who needs a lawyer in the family when you have a photographer, right? If anyone in and around Cape Town / Overberg wants some profesh “frame it” family pictures done in the next few weeks, you should mail my brother – pawlclark@gmail.com and this is his website. It’s my blog and I’ll punt if I want to!



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