a very merry un-easter, to you!


We had our friend Renee and her little Bobby over for an Easter picnic this weekend. I love anything to do with bunnies (have you not noticed) so I really love making it special for the boys. I have so many fun memories of Easter from my childhood, and I hope that the boys will have fun memories too! We’ve created our own traditions throughout the years, which are: The egg hunt, baking (usually hearty bran muffins), picnic, crafts and games. We usually make Bunny Bunting and Bunny Paper Plates. This year, the boys helped me create a family Easter Treat Table that centered the celebrations quite nicely. I got all my goodies from In Good Company. They have stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and if you don’t live there then don’t fuss – they have an online store. View their Easter goodies here.  I LOVE this shop and it’s where I get all my decor things from for every occasion – Christmas, parties, birthdays, kids stuff, gifts – if you need anything pretty, you’ll find it here. So I got ALL my table decor things from their shop and set up a really fun party table that the boys really loved! Food-wise, I got all our picnic goodies and the bunny biscuits from our new favourite deli: Brooker and Waller. Find them on Cavendish Street in Claremont (hint: RIGHT next to In Good Company!) Here are some fun pictures from Saturday.




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