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Clinton Friedman Botanics

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I haven’t done a decor post in a while, and heaven knows that we’ve been so busy with the house lately. New floors, washing lines, gardening, replacing skirting boards, putting up blinds, fixing the front wall. We’ve had contractors here for two weeks trying to get it all done, and as soon as one thing is sorted, another pops up. You know how it goes! I’ve mentioned that my dapper husband works at Weylandts and spends his days at super cool decor shoots, show rooms etc so he’s been pulling some weight on the decor front. As you might know, I LOVE plants and nature and earthy things. Forests, lakes, oceans, hikes, walks, cycling – take me outside and I’m a happy gal. So when I saw these Clinton Friedman creations, my heart did a double punch. How gorgeous? I’m not very good at keeping up with Pinterest, so I like to save all the little things I find here, in my little online journal. I saw these for sale on Esque (one of our suppliers) and dug a bit deeper. Clinton Friedman does wallpaper, prints, umbrellas, cushions and fabric. This is his website if you’re in to this sort of stuff. I finally figured out what to do with a drab gap piece of wall in our lounge. Helloooo wallpaper! PS This is not a sponsored post. PSS Expect a lot more of these as I find new and fresh local designers!  We’re doing a bit of a decor overhaul right now, just because I spend so much time at home and we see so many clients at our home office and boardroom (Also, the children have grown up a bit and have stopped throwing up on everything as much)

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