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💋 Sex & the Suburbs is COMING SOON

I started an online column in February this year.

It started small, with manual subscriptions and password-protected pages. A huge thank you to everyone who subscribed and supported the words that I crafted in moments of total joy, sadness and with extreme vulnerability. Those who have been following me for over a decade know that I am a confessional writer, and that I used to be really into blogging. Apparently I was pretty good at it, too. The awards and sponsorships didn’t mean a lot to me. I genuinely enjoyed connecting with people. Sharing. Talking. Being honest.

I feel that social media (especially in the ‘mommy blogging’ space) has become extremely generic, dishonest and a little bit dangerous. We moved from emotional moms to picturesque ‘mommy influencers’ in less than a heartbeat and it makes me sad. I worry that it’s making fellow mothers and women (in general) feel even more lonely and isolated than we sometimes do.

I want to help bring everyone back to reality. I am real to my core, and I know that human connection is more important and necessary than it’s ever been.

I’ve been working with developers and multiple software interfaces to offer this column with a big bite of reality back to you. I’ve moved from Google Docs to a subscription platform which will (finally) be launching this week.

I promise that it will never be sponsored, endorsed, censored or supported by any brands. In order to offer this, there will be a tiny subscription fee which will give to access to a minimum of 4 columns a week – starting with at least 20 that will give you insight into the past three months of my suburban dating adventures (and failures). Sometimes it will be funny; sometimes it will be sad… But it will always be authentic.

You’ll be able to subscribe and access all the content at R80.00 – R99.00 a month; depending on the package you choose.

I’ll be back with more information, links and details this week. I’m so excited about this. I can’t wait to share my stories with you again.

Chat soon xx