Coricraft is ‘ready to go!’

I love Coricraft. The quality of their furniture and their contemporary, classic country style is just SO us. I love how they’ve taken timeless design and given it such a modern feel. If I could, I would (and eventually will) cover and fill our home with Coricraft luxury. They’re affordable, so we’ll just keep collecting as we go. Everything we have of theirs just makes the house feel so warm and fancy – not to mention beautiful! We’ve made so many mistakes with furniture over the years (we all have) but this kind of quality and durability is unmatchable. I especially love their couches and slip-on covers. Nothing better than popping those covers in the wash instead of hiring upholstery cleaners every month. I’ve added pictures of some of my favourite and must-have Coricraft items that I think you’d love too. Father Christmas can you hear me? (by “Father Christmas”, I actually mean Graeme)

Ollie 2 Seater Bohemia

Because we’re talking more ‘housey’ things lately, I wanted to quickly tell you that they’ve launched a  ‘Ready to Go’ collection of couches, chairs, dining sets, beds and mattresses. Even better is that they’ll deliver immediately – so you’ll have enough time to get your home all dressed up for the festive season and all those guests and in-laws. Graeme and I have spent 8 years together, collecting little trinkets and saving for big pieces. Our living areas are so important to us, and we want our boys to feel proud of their home when little friends come by for play dates.

Santorini 2 SeaterDecember accessories_MG_7060


Coricraft has savings on a selection of slipcover, fully upholstered and genuine leather couches, or stylish living, dining and bedroom furniture that is literally ‘ready to go’ and will be delivered to your doorstep on the next available truck. Funny story: when we moved in to our new home, we really really wanted to get ourselves a King Sized bed as a little housewarming gift to ourselves. We popped in to dozens of shops and made at least 20 phone calls in and around Cape Town to buy a bed. Turns out, most of those bed shops are just glorified showrooms, with beds and headboards only being delivered within 6 weeks of payment. I guess it didn’t help that we wanted king size. Eventually Graeme and I had to have a bed set custom made, and we slept on a mattress half the frame’s size for weeks while waiting on our order. It was really, really funny (not so much back then though)


Coricraft also has a bright and colourful collection of summer accessories available. Think lanterns, candle holders, scatters, baskets, mirrors and occasional pieces, to complete the look. You know by now that home decor accessories ARE what makes a home, and gives it that cozy, lived in and loved feeling. I’ve got my budget set on this Motpellier Summer Linen Headboard. I mean… my goodness. I love this old country french style.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.40.06 PM


Apparently Coricraft’s ‘Ready to Go’ and a crazy savings campaign will run for a limited period from now until 24 December. You can shop the range here > Coricraft Online ! Now put that Christmas bonus toward something that will last and bring years and years of enjoyment.

<Please note that this is not a sponsored post. We’re just spreading the happy, Christmas vibes in your direction!>



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