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Turn your bedroom in to a summer oasis

I’m busy planning a new look for the main bedroom of our house. Something more classic, mature, classy and cozy. I got a set of Volpes bedding at the beginning of this year, and I was so nervous about it. I always go for white bedding, because it’s crisp and the colours don’t wash out. I got my first ever, emerald green colour set from Volpes (a sister company to Coricraft) and a year later it still looks brand new. When shopping for bedding, I feel like there are only 2 options: The cheap R150.00 duvet set that will last a few months and the R1099.00 duvet cover sets that you can’t even afford. There is no in-between. I got a complimentary bedding set from Volpes at the beginning of the year and now that I’m shopping again, I thought I should give them some much deserved love. Their sets start at R290 – R450 and the quality is really great. Most of the double bed sets are R390.00 and have really pretty designs.

Volpes CoricraftLinen Bedding

I’m doing to do a white, grey and duck egg scheme for the new look, with some faux fur and maybe an interesting throw in there too. The main theme will be white, though with pops of texture and colour. I’m looking for something that won’t date and that I can fall in to every day and feel like a 50s hollywood actress, you know? Something like this as a base

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 10.44.09 AM

Volpes has an online store and a few mall stores spread across SA. They’ve launched a new summer collection called ‘Under the Sun” just in time for the festive season and getting your home ready for the holidays. You can check it out here > and you can shop at the touch of a button. They have beautiful botanicals in pastels and gentle hues. There are also duck egg and charcoal options, as well as pretty florals for that fresh summer look.