I lost a very important bag last week

Last week Friday; I left a bag in my Uber driver’s car. I *never* do this, but I was carrying my laptop bag, handbag and takeaway coffee. I also had my favourite white cotton / tote bag with me. It’s my favourite bag & so sentimental. Ben had made a drawing of him & I at his crèche when he was about 6. As a gift, his teacher had the drawing hand-stitched to a cotton tote bag and I’ve treasured it since. I mean, I look amazing.

Note: I was not pregnant at the time but okay thanks Ben. 

The bag was stuffed with things from the office but also contained brand-new pink cat-ear, light-up Bluetooth headphones that my boys got me for my last birthday. They’d even ordered them online for me!
I also treated myself to a pink lunchbox and bought myself a pink lipstick at Dis-Chem that day. Lots of other little things in the bag… all could have been replaced eventually.
I was so hurt about the bag. I contacted the Uber driver immediately but he wasn’t getting back to me and on the app, they have 24 hours to respond. I had asked him to drop me at a Pick n Pay, and then I walked home from there. I realised I didn’t have the bag as I was walking home and my. heart. stopped 🙁
I contacted Pick n Pay, but their safe was locked by then and they didn’t have access to it until the morning to check if my bag was handed in. I tried to reach Ben’s old teacher to have another bag made, but it looks like her little school has closed and I couldn’t find her online. I was so hurt. Ben was sad too.
Later that evening and after so many attempts to get hold of him; the Uber driver called me. I explained the whole situation to him and pleaded about the bag. He promised to message the 3 passengers he collected after my trip and enquire about the bag.
The next morning, I went to the Pick n Pay and spoke to the manager & security department. My bag wasn’t handed in and I begged them to check their security cameras. I wanted to narrow it down to where I had lost the bag. They promised to look at security footage, took my number and promised to call. That was Saturday morning. Today is Tuesday.
I still haven’t heard from them.
Later that afternoon, the Uber driver let me know that HE FOUND MY BAG. It seemed like nothing was touched, taken or tampered with. Not even my freakin apple. I’m really so grateful for the passenger’s honesty as well as the effort and honesty from the driver. I could see on his profile picture that he has a daughter around my kids’ ages, and I’m sure that she would have loved the headphones & make-up, but Morris ensured that I got everything back. He even drove all the way to my office this morning to give it all back to me. I gave him a little reward for this trouble, airtime & petrol etc to fix my OWN screw-up. Here’s what happened with my bag:
The world looks a little bit better today, doesn’t it?

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