knysna marathon training diary: 2nd milestone

I received a handful of messages from people advising me not to over-do it with the training. They’re right. I rested last Sunday and only did long walks today. I reached my next milestone of 3 km (!!!) but I need to hit the 5 km this week. I’ll give myself until Sunday, probably. Then I have a few weeks to work up to 10, and so on. My goal is to get to 15km as people have advised me “If you can do 15, you can do 21km”. Then someone else said that you need to be able to hit 17, I think.

I’ve tried to rope friends into joining me but they’re all being lazy, I say! A few friends will be coming to the Oyster Festival, though. To party, probably. We’ll be staying at the Knysna Hollow Country Estate for I think the 4th time. It’s my favourite & I have so many great memories there over the past, what – 8 years? Don’t get me started on the Pasta Party. Such fun.

Progress wise – I’m burning about 500 – 1500 kilojoules a run. I look at that to see how much harder I’m working. My pace went from 09:44 to 07:38 last week (!!!) I usually run every day, usually in the morning and then I walk with the dogs in the afternoon.

This isn’t about weight for me, but I have lost 5kg in 10 days. I think it’s mostly from drinking much more water and my metabolism has really sped up. My body will obviously adjust and the weight loss will slow down or stop. I’ve been living off those Pick n Pay Minestrone soup mixes because they’re so delicious. I add like a whole bag of chopped, fresh tomatoes because yum. 

Today I ate tuna to get more protein in. I suck at getting healthy protein in because I don’t like chicken, I’m not a red meat gal and fresh fish is so expensive? That frozen I&J fish is not my best. I can’t stomach boiled eggs since I did that dumb egg diet. Can someone give me advice here? I know about protein shakes but aren’t those like a million calories and loaded with sugar? Help!

I did find a fish shop at Belvedere Square today and stocked up on loads of frozen mussels, prawns & hake at decent prices. They said that they usually have fresh hake but I missed the delivery, so I grabbed frozen portions. I paid R27 for 2 big, whole baby hakes. The prawns were also at 15% off so I’m going to be googling all sorts of recipes. Prawn & avo salads, fish curries, mussel potjies. I also love love love the fresh salmon (so cheap and fresh) at the Vredehoek Spar.

I’m also doing some training on different terrains. I took a walk at Newlands Forest last weekend and tomorrow we’re going to do the track around Lion’s Head, but not the full summit because no thank you. Something that I really struggled with at my last 21km was the downhills, so I’m making sure that I train in nature and I’m not touching a treadmill this time.

I also bought some basic home-training equipment like weights & an exercise mat. I need to do some pilates for my core, and some aerobics for strength. I LOVE the POPSUGAR Fitness account on YouTube. They even have a 15-minute “Victoria’s Secret” workout which is pretty intense.

I have 8 weeks to go now. I think I’ll be a lot calmer when I do hit the 5km mark as I find it’s the most difficult to reach. Being able to run 5km without stopping is crazy. I am walking the uphills though, as that’s how I did it in Knysna, too. Walk the uphills, run the downhills.

The rainy season is about to start and I’m really worried about it slowing down my progress. I’ll just have to run in the rain? I’m also really worried about getting sick / bronchitis which would knock my training by like 10 days. I’m taking vitamin c, zinc & calcium supplements daily and eating as healthy as I can! I might actually make it.

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