Little Benjamin is 4. A Peppa Pig party

Our little Benjamin turned FOUR on Saturday. Little Buns loves Peppa Pig and George. You can’t really find any Peppa Pig goodies in South Africa, so it was a bit of a struggle. I ordered some goodies from ebay which didn’t arrive in time – eeeek! So Graeme designed some sweet bunting, toppers and cards and I found a few free printables online too! Shew. I found most of his goodies at In Good Company – our favourite party shop! The whole family got involved to help create a little Peppa theme and everyone helped with the party treats and decor. I am a bit of a nightmare when it comes to planning things like this. I think I had the whole family on edge with my stress levels 🙂 I burnt the cake, my fondant cracked and I did it all super last minute BUT little Benjamin loved his little party which is all that matters!


We had such great friends over and their little kidlets too. Everyone really got to enjoy the space and the house. The jumping castle was a total hit, Buns loved his cake and got spoilt something silly by all his little friends. He had 12 little friends and 18 big friends at his party. I didn’t want to add pictures of all the little kiddies without permission, but he had a super good time – I think they all did!


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