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Paris. The first few days.

I wanted to write this while it’s all still fresh in my head. I’ve been in bed by 7:30 / 8pm every night because the days here are pretty tiring, physically. Emotionally. I’m guessing that I’m walking about 10 – 15km a day, maybe? Including like 10 flights of stairs at stations. Talk to me about the walk from the Pigalle or Blanche station to the Sacre Coeur you guys. This is why I’ve been living on wine, ice cream, cocktails and cheese for like three days straight. I’m also drinking so. much. water. because the metro is hot and humid and the days are pretty hot too… around 22 degrees. When I tell Graeme that I’m in bed at 8pm he is like GO OUT and party and I’m just like zzzzzz. Also, if staying in Montmartre, you know that you don’t need to leave your hotel room to be at the party. Last night the Parisians were jolling ’til like 3am and musicians walk up and down the streets to serenade the patrons. I kept waking up to beautiful Edith Piaf melodies, which was pretty wonderful. It’s 8pm now and they’ve already started. I can hear people chatting, kids laughing and running up and down the cobble stoned streets. It’s still daylight here, up ’til about 8:30 or 9pm. It’s such a vibe and I would highly recommend staying in Montmarrrrt. I’m on rue des Abbesses which is prime Parisian real estate. I’m basically between the Moulin Rouge and Sacre Couer, and there are 3 metro stations within 5 minutes walk in opposite directions. There are I think like 27 restaurants and cafes on this street and a whole bunch of grocers. Every night I’ve been stopping at the same vendor for a bagel or burger. Also, please can we talk about the chinese food in Paris? Holy smokes you guys. I still haven’t eaten at a restaurant or cafe, but everything I have tried has been absolutely incredible. My hotel does crepes, french bread, croissants and pastries every day. Coincidentally, they also put a big bowl of prunes out with breakfast every day. Just that. Cheese, breads, meat, croissants, crepes and prunes. Good morning!

Paris is wonderful, and I am loving every single moment – even the metro, which I’ve started to navigate like a boss lately. I’m saving all my routes on my metro app and using those every day (thanks Rosanne and Mel) which is a game changer. I got really confused at one of the BIG stations today on a change-over, because the big stations are a bit tricksy with different routes per line. Gare de Nord will be the effing death of me. Seriously. Whenever a route takes me to that station I want to self harm.

I don’t know if anyone really cares about all the touristy attractions. Yes, the Eiffel Tower is big. The Musee d’Orsay is beautiful. That’s just information that you can find on google. What Paris actually does to you on the inside, is what this journey is all about. I’m not very geographically secure, and I’ve found a few places completely by accident. I have so much to write about, but right now I’m just bushed.

I’m missing the boys so much, and they’ve been so busy with dinners and visitors every day that we haven’t really spoken much. Here are some touristy pictures. I’m off to Luxembourg gardens & the Louvre tomorrow, and hopefully Marais and Canal St Martin. I’ve packed my acrylics, so I don’t really know where I’ll end up. That’s half the fun. Goodnight, from Paris x

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