The Rabbit Haus is a blog authored by me, Natasha Clark. Here you’ll find stories about travel, decor, health, dining, fitness and a little bit about life too.

I’m a mother, writer, runner and dog lover. I’ve had pet rabbits since I was a toddler, so we always joked that we live in a “bunny house” which has slowly transitioned in to “The Rabbit Haus” – my new blog!

For The Rabbit Haus, we’ve separated the ‘kiddies’ content from the usual things so that you can navigate your way around according to your interests.

When not writing here, I’ve also written over at Parent24, Getaway, Mail and Guardian, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Ackermans and I write for Grootbos too.

If you have a story, destination or product that you think I’d be passionate about, then you can mail me – therabbithaus@gmail.com.