Sophie and Lili dolls, please

I saw these Sophie and Lili dolls in my Instagram feed the other night, and fell in total love. They’re created by mother and artist Jennifer Vallez. Like all girls, each doll has its own unique personality. They’re custom made according to specs you choose – so you can even create a lookalike of your own daughter. They’re lovingly crafted using contemporary and bold fabrics and are timeless in their simplicity. They look so soft and Jennifer says on her site that they’re huggable and washable. Each doll embodies what a best friend should be – a companion, a confidante and playmate. I also LOVE her illustrations, which can also be customized so you can have a a doll-like portrait made of your family. Perfect for mothers and daughters to capture that special relationship between you.

She also creates boy dolls, including super hero ones. The boy dolls can also be customized according to your son’s skin tone, hair cut, colour and personality! I’m really sad that I’ve only found this now… I know that my boys would have loved these dolls as littler kids. I think they’re ‘just’ past that doll phase, which has me feeling a different set of emotions all on its own. Sophi and Lili ship worldwide and accept PayPal and all major cards like Visa and Mastercard etc. I can’t figure out where they’re based, but I’m saving this on the blog as an “in case we decide to have another baby that might end up being a girl”. You know? This is their website.

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