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I recently joined ranks with TFG online – @home to select my favourite winter decor trend. We’ve been putting a lot of love and light in to our home lately. Graeme is an art director by profession and styles decor shoots and designs products for an actual living. He’s always fiddling around the house, moving things around and art directing our home. I love clutter and colour and a touch of messiness. A home needs to look cozy and lived in. It also needs to be BRIGHT and happy. It’s hard (for me) to create a welcome and messy space that is also modern and child friendly. I’ve learned so much with the boys over the years. Our couches (and any couches hereafter) will always be grey or dark brown with slip-off-and-wash cushion covers. Anything white is only at arm’s reach and not climbable. Our walls get wiped down once a week and our ornaments need to be indestructible. Like, two days ago the dogs had a tussle under the dining room table and knocked a vase and some aloes over. Next to all the couches and beds are streaks of dirt from after-school kiddie feet and sleepy dogs. Over the years I’ve become a professional kiddie-proofer while trying to keep a tasteful living space. NOT easy, friends. Being a mom-on-a-budget, it’s also super hard to find pretty decor things that won’t drain my bank balance. I’m a ‘shop from low to high’ kinda gal. Anyway, we’ve collected some pretty things over the years that have lasted.We already have loads of @home decor bits and bobs around the house to give it that little kick. The boys room is looking really sweet lately, and one day I’ll get around to taking some pictures (when I have the will and strength to actually clean their room haha) How sweet is this wall hook that I got from them a while back?


It’s probably not very ‘blogger’ of me to tell you that I’m not a fan of decor (or any other) trends. I like to do my own thing, and if what we have happens to on trend, then great – but I can’t go re-decorating our home every season, you know? I mean, I caved and did the bunting and chevron cushions way back when, and after like 2 weeks I wanted to burn. my. house. down. Your home is your personal, intimate space where you spend your time together as a family. I love that @home is showcasing trends that will last every season. While they’re hot buys RIGHT NOW, they’ll be hot items for many years and memories to come. So, this is how they’ve incorporated all the must haves in to their every-day offering. And WHOO-HOO!, these are my picks! Warning: You’re gonna want ALL the things!

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I chose stylish metallics! And this is the little bit that I wrote for them about why I love erm, metal:  I love metallics for the sleek, luminous finish that it adds to any room. Inject your home with a bit of glitz with a rustic undertone. I especially love copper and brass, and find it interesting that raw metals from older times have been modernized with on trend designs. Adding a bit of raw metal with other earthly tones, lots of white space and greenery creates a stylish and minimalist look that we’ve incorporated in to our own living space.


180167521801680818017216To create an easy living space: Do the same as you do for your wardrobe: Start with neutral colours. Neutral walls, couches, curtains, blinds, carpets. Nothing too busy or fancy or colourful. Then add your textures and colours with accessories: Scatter cushions, throws, occasional chairs or an interesting coffee table. Add indoor plants for some ‘earth’ and some metals for contrast and tone. We have lots of glass and I always have fresh flowers on the table. I’m really loving the new decor that’s emerging lately and you guys, I am SO GLAD that we’re over chevrons. I really am. You can shop my selection here >

Ecommerce Winter Campaign Stylish Metallics moodboard

And if you’re looking for ideas or if you’re not a fan of metallics, then check out the two other classic looks that you can create with @home! Remember, you can shop online and they deliver within like 2-3 days or express if you’re an impatient brat like me. All trends are from TFG Online, where customers can shop both @home and hi-online trend items. I want ALL the Minimalist Grey things too. Apologies to my credit card, things are about to get real. Happy shopping, friends!

Ecommerce Winter Campaign Minimalist Grey moodboardEcommerce Winter Campaign MARSALA moodboard

Please note, as a ‘thank you’ from TFG for helping them select a few trend items, they gifted me a little voucher which I used to buy a few accessories, including this Rose Gold Basket (R89.00) and this Housey Wall Hook (R119.00) Really nice of them, thanks guys!



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