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There’s a lot going on.

I hate to say that I’m busy, because really – everyone is busy. Being super busy is awful. Can we stop the glorification of busy? What I wouldn’t give to pack it all in and spend my days at the beach or in a pool instead. There is a lot going on now and every year I forget just how frantic this time of year is. Not just with work, but with the boys and their school activities. Noah enters grade ONE next year and his school is so fantastic. We’ve had orientations, class lists and school concerts. He’s had outings and prize givings and cake sales and play dates. There’s so much still to do over the next few weeks, but I love it. I love being a mom and getting everything ready for this HUGE milestone in his life. I am going to cry my mommy heart out when I see him in his first school uniform because I know just how proud and grown up he’s going to look.

Ben’s school nativity play was last night and today is HIS grade R orientation. Next year they’ll be in the same school again, which I’m ecstatic about. It was pretty hard on them to be separated this year.  It was his birthday party last week and he’s changed so much. He’s growing up too fast now and becoming a proper little awkward boy. It’s the BEST. Noah has exceeded all our expectations this year and I’m so flippen proud of both of them. I’m trying not to share too much of the boys’ lives online as they’re getting to that age where they want a bit more privacy and consideration, you know? I mean they’re in BIG school now, “mom.”

I’m dealing with a lot of business and bookkeeping admin right now which I have very little patience for. There’s two weeks of admin, work and planning to get through. I love this time of year and I’m so excited to put the tree up and start the Christmas shopping and meal planning. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. I have this huge mental list of things to be grateful for, and I’m going to make a point of writing them all down next week. This is an awful season for families who might be under financial strain or have lost loved ones this year, so count your blessings every single day – no matter how tired we all are, or how tough things may seem right now. Just a little bit longer!