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Win a 20k shopping spree with #VenusOnTheGo

Gillette Venus has launched their new razor, the Venus Snap. It’s aimed at women-on-the-go, nestled in a cute little case that makes it safe to store in beach bags, your gym kit or handbag. In all honesty, there have been moments at the beach or at gym when I’ve needed a razor. I mean, who wants to do pilates or yoga donning a 3 day underarm shadow? I have! As a brunette, all my hair is on display. No tiny little white hairs for me! I have to shave everything, every day. I could write sonnets about my personal struggle with unwanted hair.


I’ve added the razor to my car’s emergency vanity kit along with my wet wipes, tissues, sunblock, cover stick and lipstick. As a (mostly) (okay fine always) frazzled mom, I don’t rely on myself to be organised at all times, let alone groomed. Most moms reading this are like “lol what even is grooming.”


The Venus Snap razor is the coolest grooming accessory for your summer holidays, handy for those “just quickly shaving my legs at this basin” moments. I’m excited about packing for our beach holidays and trips this summer, and I’ll be sharing some tips on packing for families really soon. Here’s a snippet below. Can you even see the little baby razor?


To celebrate the launch, Gillette #VenusOnTheGo is launching a competition where Venus fans can win a shopping spree worth R20 000 at Topshop. Too cool. To enter:

  1. Buy the NEW Venus Snap Razor** (R74.99 including VAT)
  2. Snap a picture of the contents of your personal bag including your NEW Venus Snap Razor
  3. Upload it to your Instagram using #VenusOnTheGo between now and 15 January 2016
  4. Visit GilletteSA on Facebook for terms & conditions

**View pack for competition details

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