Your old house.

Yesterday we were driving home and Ben said “I don’t even remember our old house” and you two chatted to each other for a good while trying so hard to remember little details. I giggled at the things you did remember, and I felt so sad that there was so much of it that you completely forgot. I clearly remember little details from the house I lived in when I was very little. I remember the brown couches and the cushions with weird flowers on them, and jumping over the back of the couch to watch Heidi in the mornings. I remember there was a tree at the top of our driveway that had tiny little yellow berries on it. I remember my brothers skateboarding up and down the driveway and I remember friends (James en Melt?) that lived nearby. When you said you couldn’t remember YOUR old house, I felt so disappointed by my blog. The whole point of this is to keep your memories for you, for me and for all of us. Our own digital memory box. In this new blog I’ve created little sections for each of you where I keep your photos and letters and stories. Right now, I wanted to show you your old house, in your own tabs. We moved in here just before Noah’s 3rd birthday, in January 2011. Ben you were so tiny, you had just turned 1. I’m quite weepy now, thinking about how little you both were. We lived in this little house until 2014 – for 4 years. Do you remember Roger and Charlie and Lola running around in the courtyard? Do you remember the break-in, and Miriam? Do you remember the park around the corner and walking down the street to buy num-nums and chappies at that corner shop? Do you remember the sushi place with fish in the fish tank. Do you remember how the windows used to rattle in the wind. Remember they used to slide up and down, the windows. Do you remember Ben’s little yellow potty next to the toilet, where Noah taught Ben potty training. Do you remember dancing in the lounge to “Lolliipop Lollipop oooh lolly lolly lolly” and “She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini?” And that daddy used to take you to school every day. Remember Disa Park? Your little school by the 3 buildings. Do you remember when we got Jack? Do you remember Miriam taking you to the train station to watch the trains? And the library? And Banjoe? Do you remember your friend James down the street. And climbing through the fireplace in the lounge to the fireplace in your room? Do you remember when we swapped rooms and you were so upset, so you never wanted to sleep in your room again? Do you remember sleeping in the lounge for like 3 years. Remember the bathroom had sky lights and how loud it was when it rained, and it used to scare you sometimes. Remember when mommy fell down that step in the kitchen and I had that big bruise. And remember Ben’s Pinocchio party and you guys had that big dinosaur that could walk, with red eyes. Remember hiding in the white cupboards in our bedroom. Please don’t ever forget. Any of it.


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